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Stephen Greenblatt’s Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare is a wonderful book, useful as a way of understanding the playwright, his work and his time. Perhaps more urgently, it is a way to understand the brand. Here’s what Greenblatt has to say about theater before the advent of Will Shakespeare. The authors of the... Read more »


Belgium – a country characterized by its cornucopia of craft beers, fluffy golden waffles, mayo-ified frites, and delectable chocolatey treats. On a recent trip to the country I intended to fully indulge in and bask in this national flavor. Of course, I also swore to bring back some souvenirs, in the form of chocolate. LOTS... Read more »


When companies struggle to launch innovative new products, find growth or – most importantly – improve business performance, they often blame the brand. It’s either a lack of customer engagement, or not having enough brand awareness and customer activation. However, that is not always true. I recently spent time with a group of mid-level executives... Read more »


In a generation that places a lot of emphasis on genuineness, it may not have been a smart move for Oculus Rift to join with Facebook in a $2 billion dollar acquisition. For those still living in the ‘90s, Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset geared for gaming that began as a Kickstarter star,... Read more »


Karl Schroeder, our Head of Strategic Foresight, interviewed by Wired for his latest book, Lockstep. http://www.wired.com/2014/03/geeks-guide-karl-schroeder/

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